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Tech jobs are lucrative, but the interviews are hard. Sure, you can grind LeetCode for the coding questions, but design rounds are different.As a Staff Machine Learning Engineer with 13 years of experience including Adobe, Twitter, and Meta I know the challenges that come with these interviews.I have cleared System Design and ML System Design as a candidate and interviewed dozens of candidates myself. I have written new questions for the question bank and updated grading rubrics.I know that the best way to prepare for system design rounds is by practicing. Come practice with me and I will give you succinct, actionable suggestions to help you up your game.

Our students love us

Mike, Sept 2023

I had a mock interview with Ilya for ML design. He asked a highly relevant question, followed by extensive actionable feedback. In addition, Ilya went above and beyond, covering the other rounds I could expect and advising on how to ace all of them. I was initially unsure of what to expect after mock interviews from other services that varied widely, but now having completed my real interview, the format of the mock with Ilya was more relevant than any of the others, and his feedback came in handy. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to ace their ML interview!

Easy Scheduling

Find a Time That Works for You

I generally recommend 1-2 weeks from your scheduled interview date. The calendar below will let you book up to 3 weeks in advance.

Easy Pricing

Pay a Flat Fee Through Stripe


This small fee allows you to practice a full interview, ask me any questions you may have, and receive timely actionable feedback.I take my time to craft the exact resources that would help you the most or, if I cannot find that is digestible, I will write out a summary of points you need to understand specifically tailored for you.

What do you Get


1. 45 minute interview roughly divided into 40 minutes for the design interview and 5 minutes for any questions you may have.
2. Written feedback within 1 business day. This will allow you to have custom-tailored resources and main points at your fingertips as you finish your interview prep.

Good luck in your interviews!